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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Place Only Found In You!

Lord as I kneel before you, I can see you in the distance reaching out to me and those all around. You are there to heal and to set free those that are bound inside, and to take them by the hand  and to lead them to a place that’s only found in you.

I want to exalt you oh Lord and to praise your Holy Name I want to worship you oh Lord  for who else could I give myself to but only  you. It’s only in your name that we can be set free from the things that bind and tare us down. I worship you oh Lord for where else could peace be found but in you.

In this life that we live, there are things to distract us all around. So many pleasures of this world that try to take a hold of our mind and our soul, in a direction away from you, where no peace can be found but only pain and sorrow when we enter there.

Thank you Lord that your always there and  never to far to take us by the hand  and to safely lead  us to that place that’s found in you where peace will always abound. Lord we praise your name for all you are to us , we praise you Lord for in you is our peace that we can find. Lord you are Holy, you are Holy what else could we do but to praise and worship you .

                                                                                                                                              Ron Horton Sr.

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